MAP's Mission:

To establish guidelines for avicultural practices and to improve avian health and husbandry.

To encourage the maintaining of accurate records on exotic birds.

To increase the quality of offspring and the productivity of breeding pairs.

MAP's Certification Program

The Model Aviculture Program (MAP) is a national voluntary program for the certification of aviculturists through inspection by avian veterinarians. MAP is designed to improve the care and breeding of exotic birds.

This program is not run by state or federal agencies; it is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of aviculturists and avian veterinarians.

Confidentiality is an integral part of each aspect of the program. Inspection involves facilities, management practices, and record keeping. No data is collected on types of birds or numbers of birds owned or bred by participants. A list of MAP participants' names is published quarterly. Listing of address and phone number is optional.

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