The Closed Aviary Concept

A complete understanding and correct application of the Closed Aviary Concept is essential to the successful bird farm. Putting this concept into practice requires defining separate areas within the facility, each with a distinct location. These areas are as follows:

Quarantine Area:
The area where all new birds are housed for a period of time (not less than 45 days) to determine their condition of health through observation and appropriate testing. The Quarantine Area should be serviced last each day.
Breeding Area:
Adult breeding stock are housed in species-appropriate setups so that production of eggs or young is enhanced.
Nursery Area:
The nursery area is where young are fed and raised when not being parent-raised. Nurseries may vary according to type of species being raised, i.e.: a waterfowl or Pheasant nursery would require a different setup than a nursery for psittacine chicks. The nursery is potentially a high-risk area for disease outbreaks.
Isolation Area:
An area where sick or injured birds can be kept apart from the breeding collection and the nursery. This area must be separate from the Quarantine Area.
Food Storage and Supply Area:
Food storage, preparation, and wash areas may be combined. Planning the aviary design to control and monitor the traffic flow of birds, feed and water bowls, and service personnel between each area in the facility is critical for the prevention and control of disease transmission. In addition, air flow in enclosed quarters should be designed so that air from the Isolation Area and Quarantine Area does not enter the Nursery Area, Breeding Area, or Food Preparation Area.

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