Guidelines and Submission Forms

The Inspection Form no longer uses a grading system. The only responses for a certificate which will receive approval are "Yes" or "N/A" for "Not Applicable." Any "N/A" responses must be accompanied by written explanations from the inspecting veterinarian. (Acceptable explanations would be, for example, that a facility which raises only waterfowl does not require hand-feeding formula.)

If any questions cannot be answered with "Yes" or with a legitimate "N/A" explanation, do not submit the application or the fee until all the conditions have been met.

The following items must be included when the application is submitted:

  1. Model Aviculture Program Inspection Form, dated and signed by the applicant and the veterinarian (request the form by phone or by email)
  2. Any "N/A" explanations which are written on separate pages. These should be initialed by the inspecting veterinarian.
  3. The Application Form, which includes data about the type of application and payment, the applicant's preferences concerning advertisment, and any materials which the applicant would like to receive along with the Certificate.
  4. A permission sheet for applicants who want to advertise for sale or trade.
  5. A check made out to Model Aviculture Program in the required amount.
  6. Please mail all forms to MAP Board Member:
    Roland Cristo
    11130 Edgewood Road
    Auburn, CA 95603

The Guidelines do not require input from the applicant and should not be mailed with the application. Applicants may wish to retain copies in their personal files, particularly of the Guidelines.

A copy of the Guidelines should be given to the veterinarian as a reference to be used during inspection.

Please contact a member of the MAP BOD for the current mailing address.

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